Solar Carports

Provide both protected parking and cost savings with a solar carport

Solar carports are an ideal solution for generating renewable energy at any location where vehicles need to park. Ground mount solar configurations are the least expensive solution, of course, but some sites lack sufficient available unused land for the amount of power required.

In addition to saving money by generating power, solar carports have another advantage: protection from the weather. Indeed, many businesses install ordinary carports solely for the cooling shade and protection from rain and snow they provide their employees and customers.

With a solar carport, the solar panels become the roof itself. For existing carports, a traditional rooftop mounting system would be used, but the end result would be the same: cost-saving energy being produced from what would otherwise be wasted space.

Flag City RV Resort – Carport Solar Installation by Nuance Energy.

A solar carport should be considered with every renewable energy project, including those that are predominantly ground mount or rooftop. A good example of one such project is Flag City RV Resort in Lodi, California. The owners wanted to install over 500kW of solar energy, but lacked enough vacant land and roof space to achieve that goal. Like most facilities, though, the resort did have a parking area, and that additional space enabling raising the total to 530kW.

Solar carports are a cost-effective choice for renewable energy production nearly everywhere:

  • Business offices
  • Government facilities
  • Public parking garages
  • Shopping malls and plazas
  • Schools and churches
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Hotels and motels

Nuance Energy works with a variety of carport foundation and racking system manufacturers to enable satisfying the unique needs of each particular project—whether new construction or retrofit, and from the small home or farm to the largest commercial or public facilities.

If you have a parking lot, a solar carport will give your employees and guests protection from the elements while reducing your monthly electric utility bill.

To learn more about how you can turn ordinary parking spaces into productive solar assets, schedule a free consultation with a Nuance Energy representative today.

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