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Solar Power for Mining

Global mining operations have enormous energy load requirements, and powering each project is incredibly costly, especially for off-grid and micro-grid solar system applications in remote locations. In addition to power needs, mining operators face stranded asset risk during the life of mine when deploying capital assets.

Lift & Shift™ Off Grid Solar Deployment

With the OSPREY PowerRack™ an innovative, modular and transportable ground mount solar power racking system, mining operations can quickly erect, dismantle and move the portable solar panels from dig to dig and retain their investment for future use.

Unlike with standard, even portable, ground mount solar solutions, the Osprey’s modular design provides:

  • Unmatched Speed
    With only a 3-person crew, assemble (or disassemble) a 10kW solar PV system in about an hour with lift and shift technology. Increased savings with much larger project deployment.
  • Unlimited Scalability
    Whether you need 1 solar panel or thousands, Osprey’s modular design allows you to install as little or as much capacity as you require for your off grid solar system for mining.
  • Unmatched Logistics
    About 50-60 Osprey’s fit in just one 20’ container. That’s over 500kWs. So maximizing your power density per low cost logistics to offsite locations is achieved
  • Unbelievable Savings
    The Osprey eliminates the need for heavy pile driving equipment, skilled labor, concrete and ground screws used to install conventional ground mount solar systems.


Mining operators are no longer limited to mining in areas with easy access to waterways, power plants, or existing utility grids. With the utility patent-pending, Osprey PowerPlatform, you can deploy a hybrid solar system microgrid energy solution for all stages of mining:

  • Exploration
  • Discovery
  • Development
  • Production
  • Reclamation

Powering operations with the Osprey PowerRack provides protection from grid outages, demand charges, and peak pricing. This is especially true if you install on-site battery storage. Teams can work longer shifts with an off grid solar power system – independent of local grid conditions.

The Osprey PowerRack can be used to provide ongoing power for:

  • Mining plant operation or “camp”
  • Mill site plant
  • Maintenance for transient equipment and systems: remote off grid solar energy load sites
  • Feeding, staff housing and facilities

Read about our solution for the mining industry in Resource World Magazine.

By powering operations with sustainable technologies like off grid solar energy, it’s possible to reduce the lifetime carbon footprint for each project. Now you can generate fewer greenhouse gases and enjoy additional environmental savings by not having to transport as much fossil fuel with solar power for mining.

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