How to Continue Installing Ground Mount Solar During the Harsh Winter – Even in Frozen Ground

How to Continue Installing Ground Mount Solar During the Harsh Winter - Even in Frozen Ground

Winter doesn’t mean you need to hibernate. 

What if you had a solar ground mount racking solution that enabled installation in winter months while your competition sleeps? 

For many contractors, the arrival of winter means pulling back from installing solar – both on rooftops and on the ground.

Issues of concern include:

  • Safety – working on slippery, icy rooftops can be treacherous.
  • Logistics – dealing with weather, equipment delays, or the need for repeat on-site visits.
  • Limitations – the ability to obtain specialized labor, and machinery as well as the inability to drive piles into the frozen ground.

Despite these concerns, wintertime is typically when solar installation inquiries increase. People have more time to research their options, read articles, and reach out to solar installers.

Imagine the impact on your business if you could respond to wintertime requests with, “Yes – we can install your system, ASAP.” You would be able to continue generating sales, installing customers, and increasing profits throughout the entire year. All while your competitors go into hibernation.

Introducing the Osprey PowerPlatform®: a Year-Round Solar Racking Solution

Nuance Energy Group’s (NEG) Osprey PowerPlatform is a solar ground-mounted solution that uses earth anchors to securely embed racking into several types of challenging ground, such as:

  • Frozen terrain
  • Rockysoil 
  • Loosesand 

In many instances, the Osprey enables single-day installation times. This means you can get in and out in less time than most teams spend on geotechnical reports when using traditional ground-mounted solutions.

Here’s how:

  • No excavations are required for concrete pouring since the Osprey secures to the ground using earth anchors.
  • No concrete pouring also means you don’t need to wait for ballasts to dry, cure, or settle.
  • No grading or leveling is needed since the Osprey PowerPlatform has vertically-adjustable legs for all terrains.
  • No cutting, drilling, or welding is necessary on-site. The Osprey is assembled by general labor with basic hand tools.
  • No stamped steel piles are required, removing the need for third-party engineers or specialized tools.
  • No geotechnical reports or costly inspections are needed. Teams can conduct real-time load tests in the field.

In fact, the Osprey is so easy to assemble that a 6kW PV system can be configured and secured to the ground in under an hour by general labor 3-person team using nothing more than handheld power tools.

How the Osprey Handles Frost Heave and Springtime Thawing

The Osprey PowerPlatform can be quickly installed in some of the toughest, coldest terrain imaginable.

But, how does the Osprey perform in more dynamic conditions where the potential for frost heave and soil shifting are very high?

A major challenge for many racking systems is the extensive surface area between the piling and the ground. This contact creates friction, which can force the piles to shift out of position.

Problems like these are especially problematic during the springtime thaw.

The Osprey PowerPlatform’s footprint is minimal. With only thin 3/16” aerospace-grade stainless steel cables making direct contact with the ground, this means less friction, and thus, less shifting below the surface.

The use of Compression springs safely accommodates soil shifting, while still providing sufficient tension and support.

If springtime adjustments are required, you can simply reposition the wedge grip and washer as needed. It takes less than 3 minutes to make the chassis level again. 

In short – neither frozen ground, nor snow, nor rocks, can prevent you from installing the Osprey PowerPlatform.

Discover How the Osprey Can Save You Time and Boost Your Profits

Regardless of season, the Osprey PowerPlatform delivers measurable savings – both in time and money – and these benefits aren’t limited to residential ground-mounted projects.

Due to the Osprey’s modular design, this revolutionary racking system can easily scale up for large commercial installs as well.

As the size and complexity of projects increase, so do the savings:

  • A 2MW installation that may normally take 60 days can be completed in about 16 days with a minimal crew. 
  • During that time, your team can shave $130,000 or more off of the total installation cost. 

Even during the summer months, savings like these provide your team with an unmatched, competitive advantage – but it’s during the winter months that the Osprey’s savings are truly unrivaled.

While other installers go into hibernation, you’ll be able to:

  • Field incoming solar inquiries from prospective residential and commercial customers.
  • Convert rooftop projects into ground-mounted solar installations (when applicable).
  • Complete more solar installations in less time, and for a fraction of the cost.

With these benefits, you can generate more sales with much higher profit margins. 

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