Solar for Disaster Preparedness and Response

Nuance Energy has made solar ground mount solar arrays portable, and that makes solar energy an even better choice for disaster recovery and other temporary or emergency power needs.

This advanced breakthrough is made possible by the innovative design of the patent-pending Osprey PowerPlatform®. The entire pre-assembled platform—the chassis, rack and rails with the 16x320W solar modules attached—can be folded flat into a compact unit that is easy to store and transport, including multiple units in a shipping container.

With minimal training and using only handheld power tools, a small crew can quickly and easily attach the anchor stands, install the earth anchors, tilt and secure the solar array into position, and connect the inverter and optional battery storage. From unpacking to powering-up, the entire process takes less than two hours for each of the modular 5kW units, making the Osprey PowerPlatform ideal for disaster preparedness and relief.

The Solar Advantage

Diesel gensets have long been the primary source of temporary power in disaster recovery situations. But gensets need a continuous supply of fuel for as long as power is needed. So the longer it might take to fully restore the electric grid in a disaster or emergency, the better the case for solar.

With the modular Osprey PowerPlatform, deploying portable solar power is “one and done.” The system continues to provide power—for days, weeks or months—with no maintenance, except perhaps to clean the solar modules occasionally. Easy to deploy. No refueling (or exhaust fumes). Just reliable, continuous operation.

The Solar Ground Mount Advantage

The Osprey PowerPlatform also has a major advantage over other portable solar power solutions: superior scalability. Ground mount solar systems scale far more cost-effectively than standalone configurations deployed on trailers, or as self-contained shipping containers. The reason is: For the modular PowerPlatform, the trailer or container is only used during shipment, and is not an integral (or expensive) part of the ground mount solar racking system.

This lack of unproductive overhead gives the Osprey PowerPlatform another advantage: The deployments become feasible as permanent power sources in distributed microgrids, including in hurricane-prone regions after a disaster. Rigorous testing in wind tunnels has certified a standard earth anchor as being able to secure uplift forces caused by 150 MPH winds—a category 4 hurricane. And for even greater protection, stronger and/or additional earth anchors can be used.

Green In and Out

What makes the Osprey PowerPlatform different from other ground mount solar systems is its innovative and unique application of the earth anchor foundation system. Earth anchors provide remarkable holding strength, and can be set quickly and easily using only a handheld hammer drill in virtually any type of soil—including in parking lots or on sandy beaches. No heavy equipment. No concrete. No unsuitable sites.

The entire system is just as quickly and easily uninstalled to be “lifted and shifted” to another site or stored in preparation for the next disaster in need of an emergency solar power system. The only things left behind are the relatively inexpensive earth anchors, and those can also be removed if necessary. Such environmental stewardship is, after all, consistent with solar power as a clean, renewable source of energy.

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