A standard Structural Calculation Package and Engineering Report complete with vertical and lateral analysis (dead load, wind load and seismic load, etc.) is provided. If required, a Site-Specific Memo (SSM) is also available for purchase through one of our 3rd party Professional Engineers (PE).

The trailblazing innovation behind Nuance Energy’s ground mount solar racking system and the award-winning Osprey PowerRack™, is our utility patented earth anchor foundation system and the methodology patent used to install and pull “Load Test” earth anchors in real time soil conditions.

  • No heavy equipment to drive piles or even delay your project install
  • No concrete

Our patented earth anchor foundations support and secure solar racking structures to the ground. Our anchors withhold up to 3600lbs of uplift force and achieve local AHJ load requirements in all fifty (50) states and USA territories.

The earth anchor provides a reliable alternative to traditional anchorage methods at a fraction of the cost, and has additional benefits not typically provided by other foundation options.

– Matthew B. Gilliss, P.E., LEED AP, Engineered Power Solutions

Earth Anchor and Load Testing Process

Step 1 – (See Osprey Installation Manual). Install earth anchors using an SDS Max Rotary Hammer and a Nuance Energy Drive Rod (sold separately). Pilot holes are not required; however, a Nuance Energy Drill Bit (sold separately) will tackle any hard pan or tough soil conditions. If frozen conditions, earth anchors can be driven well below the frost line to set the anchor in more stable soil conditions. Real-time soil condition testing, anchor pull “load testing” and local AHJ verification requirements are quickly and easily achieved using the Osprey PowerJack™ load testing installation tool.

Step 2 – Pull “Load Test” anchors in seconds with only one person using the Osprey PowerJack and a standard cordless Impact Driver.

Step 3 – Record anchor load tests using the Anchor Load Verification Form and email it to If an engineering SSM was ordered for your job site, then Nuance Energy will send a post-installation memo verifying the anchor load test results.

Step 4 – Call for inspection. Our patented earth anchor foundations are approved in all 50 states and USA territories.