About Nuance Energy Group

About Nuance Energy

Nuance Energy Group Inc. is an emerging renewable energy company, yet we already sell and distribute quality products to a loyal and growing fan base (an almost cult-like following, really) in 46 US states and five countries.

Since 2017, our mission has been to design, engineer and distribute trailblazing solar racking systems to save our customers time and money.

With every installation, our customers’ experience the true value of what we give them back…time! Customers love our product, and our competition is worried.

In 2020 and 2021 we received USPTO approval on utility and methodology patents for modular, transportable, and multi-configurable solar ground mount racking systems using earth anchor foundation technology and methodology patents to install and load test anchors. Our patents and innovative products have disrupted the USA solar industry and its archaic approach to engineering, deployment and field assembly of ground mount solar systems using traditional foundations and installation equipment.

Building on the tremendous success of our flagship product, the Osprey PowerPlatform®, in June 2022, we began manufacturing and commercialization of our product prodigy, the all-new, modular OSPREY PowerRack™.

The OSPREY PowerRack uses an innovative, pre-engineering approach to residential and commercial ground mount solar projects to better serve our loyal customers.

It delivers improved performance, installation efficiency & savings of both time and money. The modular OSPREY PowerRack dramatically reduces mobilization time, field construction complexity and costs and it even frees up man-hours (saving up to 72 hours on a residential ground mount install). This puts installation crews back on the roof, generating even more sales revenue in less time.  These remarkable improvements—along with the ability to deploy the modular OSPREY PowerRack on various terrain, in any type of soil condition and across multiple vertical markets—also makes ground mount solar energy projects more practical and affordable at any scale.

In early 2023, Nuance Energy will have a network of 3PL distribution centers stocking the modular OSPREY PowerRack, while proudly saying, “Made in the USA.”


Design, engineer and distribute trailblazing solar racking systems that actually save customers (our loyal fans) time and money.


Be the leading manufacturer of modular and scalable solar racking products worldwide.



The Sun is everywhere, solar should be too. We are committed to what lies beyond, there are no boundaries. We innovate to dominate.


We are birds of prey. We have flocked together from all corners of the solar industry to unite our vision, knowledge, experience, and grit. We create trailblazing products that we are proud to stand by.


Trustworthy, Transparent, and Accountable.
This is our commitment.

Customer Experience

Our success is customer success.
Our legacy is customer loyalty.


Collectively, our strong leadership team brings decades of solar industry experience across a broad range of utility, commercial, and residential solar PV projects.


President & Chief Executive Officer

Luke Ashworth
Director of Field Operations; National Sales Manager

Luke Ashworth is a creative person who is passionate about renewable energy. Driven by results, he takes pride in providing the best customer service experience.  As a Director of Sales/Field Operations, his goals include growing his team, educating his customers, and growing Nuance Energy’s presence in the market. In addition to his primary job functions, Luke has been recognized by his customers for his extraordinary commitment to their success.

Andres Londono
Senior Product Manager, Engineering

Andres Londono, is the Senior Product Manager, Engineering and graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. Andres has been in the solar industry for the past 6 years with experience in product development, manufacturing, material science, steel design and procurement. During his free time Andres enjoys traveling with friends, cooking, spending time with his family and playing golf on the weekends.

Lucy Ramos
Accounting Manager 

Lucia Ramos is an integral part of the Nuance Energy team with over 15 years of accounting experience and 3 years in the solar industry. Lucia got her start in accounting while in college helping run a local business and went on to put herself through school running a small business of her own.  She graduated from CSULA with an Accounting and Microbiology degree. As the Accounting Manager at Nuance Energy, her analytics skill set, her passion for GAAP accounting and her extensive experience in small business to large corporations allows her to easily navigate the financial world and provide Nuance Energy with an ability to fulfill short and long-term goals with ease.

David Mata
Arizona Warehouse Manager

David Mata leads the company’s Arizona distribution center with a commitment to excellence that roots back to the heart of the Central Valley in California. With many years of experience in the produce industry, David brings a level of experience in operations, proficiency, and process that serves as a stepping stone for the growth of Nuance Energy. On days off, David enjoys playing golf and you can always catch him watching sports.

Thomas Boguess
Finance Manager, Project Manager

Thomas Boguess is a driven, supportive professional on the Nuance Energy team, and is motivated to bring success to the family business. Tom takes pride in providing the best solutions to complicated problems. After graduating cum laude and earning his BBA in finance from Loyola Marymount University, Tom sought to bring his analytical and organizational management skills to Nuance Energy. As a Finance Manager/Project Manager, Tom ensures revenue forecasting, budgeting and proper GAAP accounting, financial analysis, cash flow reporting and trade credit supervision. As a Project Manager, Tom enables cross departmental functionality and proper workflow by being the go-to person for Nuance Energy’s ERP system, Netsuite. He continues to help Nuance Energy become a more profitable, sustainable, and scalable business. Like his father, Tom is an avid skier and loves fresh powder days in the winter.

David Padilla
David Padilla
Warehouse Quality Control Foreman

David Padilla grew up in Dinuba, Ca and has worked as a warehouse forklift driver, and Quality control Foreman for 5+ years. David is focused on ensuring customers are satisfied and confident in the warehouse’s ability to fulfill their orders. In his spare time, David enjoys spending time with family and friends, and attending live sporting events.

Douglas and Pino
Certified Public Accountants



As CEO and Founder of Nuance Energy Group, Inc., Brian is responsible for the company’s overall business strategy, sales revenues, vertical market development and emerging product licensing opportunities. However, his vision and hands-on experience with product development helped create the company’s award winning and revolutionary solar racking solution, the multi patented Osprey PowerPlatform®.

Brian is known for finding credible solutions from complex business challenges to drive revenue and improve operational efficiencies – a business acumen that has earned him the respect of his industry peers and a very loyal staff especially during Covid-19 and the global pandemic. Nuance Energy successfully operates under a “value driven” business model. Meaning, compared to most solar-racking competition, who are racing to the lowest price in a “commodity driven” solar industry, Nuance Energy is selling the value of saving time and money and its growing fanbase is loving it.

The consummate entrepreneur, Brian’s past professional career includes several start-up ventures in real estate acquisition and development and eCommerce software and travel and hospitality. He was also a top revenue producer holding sales, management and business development positions for Reed Elsevier Publishing, Oracle eTravel, Kimpton Hotel Group and SunPower Corporation before founding Nuance Energy.

Brian is dialed into making this world run on renewable energy and preserving our natural resources for future generations. In his free time, you may find Brian and his life partner, Monique, who are both extreme “foodies”, exploring California’s amazing wineries, finding new chefs and Dine LA restaurants.  He also enjoys golfing, volleyball, skiing, hiking and traveling with family to interesting global adventures. Brian, Monique, Alessandro and their 2 rescue dogs, Django and Piper reside in a laid-back beach town called Santa Monica, CA.