About Nuance Energy

Nuance Energy is a vertically integrated company that is making solar energy substantially more affordable via breakthrough advances in innovative products and best business practices.

The patent-pending Osprey PowerPlatform® takes a new and revolutionary approach to ground mount solar racking systems and is delivering impressive results in best installation practices.

Using the solar industry’s first earth anchor foundation system application, the Osprey PowerPlatform minimizes conventional engineering requirements, adds modular scalability to the procurement and installation processes, and dramatically reduces field construction complexity and costs. These improvements—along with the ability to deploy the modular Osprey PowerPlatform on varied terrain, in any type of soil condition and across multiple vertical markets—are making ground mount solar energy more practical and affordable at any scale. As a result, Nuance Energy is creating more profit-making opportunities in agricultural, commercial, industrial and small utility-scale solar projects.

Nuance Energy is continuing to fulfill its mission to pursue additional advances in lowering the cost of solar energy by leveraging the Osprey PowerPlatform’s innovative, modular design and unique advantages down the value chain. By establishing a global network of certified suppliers equipped to fabricate the entire modular solar ground mount system, Nuance Energy is enabling distributors and contractors to carry less inventory, experience shorter lead times, and minimize overhead costs to achieve peak profitability. Nuance Energy also helps customers design systems, secure financing, and obtain all necessary project approvals.

Nuance Energy’s Osprey exemplifies industry-leading simplicity of installation for ground mount solar, eliminates the usual project delays and headaches, while the dramatic reduction in total project costs enables these agricultural customers to achieve a full payback in record time.

Proud supporters of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the California Solar & Storage Association (CALSSA)


Collectively, our strong leadership team brings decades of solar industry experience across a broad range of utility, commercial, and residential solar PV projects.


President & Chief Executive Officer

Tom Boguess

Finance Manager, Special Projects


Luke Ashworth

Director of Product Development & Field Operations

Andres Londono

Senior Project Manager & Engineering

Rafael Matha

Sales Support Manager

Lucy Ramos

Accounting Manager


David Mata

Arizona Warehouse Manager

David Padilla

Warehouse Quality Control Foreman

John Lawrence

National Accounts Manager

Kaufmann Advisors

CPA & Financial Advisory Group



As CEO and Founder of Nuance Energy Group, Inc., Brian is responsible for the company’s overall business strategy, revenues, vertical market development and emerging product licensing opportunities. His vision and hands-on experience with product development and engineering helped create the award winning and revolutionary solar racking solution at the core of Nuance Energy, the multi-utility patented Osprey PowerPlatform®.

Brian is known for finding bold solutions associated with complex business challenges to drive revenue and improve operational efficiencies – a unique acumen that has earned the respect of industry peers and loyal staff. Nuance Energy operates under a “value driven business model” compared to most solar racking competitors who are racing to the lowest price in a “commodity driven” solar industry. Nuance Energy’s Osprey sales have doubled each year for the last 5 years. Solar Power World magazine recently awarded Nuance with the Top Product of the Year.

The consummate entrepreneur, Brian’s professional career includes several start-up ventures in real estate acquisition and development and ecommerce software and hospitality. He was also a top revenue producer holding sales, management and business development positions for Reed Elsiver Publishing, Oracle, Kimpton Hotel Group and SunPower Corporation before founding Nuance Energy.

Brian is passionate about driving the adoption of the multi-functional Osprey product line, saving our environment and preserving our natural resources for future generations. In his free time, you may find Brian and his longtime girlfriend exploring California’s amazing wineries. He also enjoys golfing, skiing, hiking and traveling with family to interesting global adventures. Brian’s family and their rescue dog, Django reside in Santa Monica, CA.