Solar for Agriculture

Operating a farm presents numerous challenges that make it hard to turn a successful profit. In just energy costs alone, the USDA estimates that farmers devote up to 10% of their budgets to electricity and fuel.

In addition, food producers must also manage other operational expenses that are often:

  • Labor-intensive
  • Resource-hungry
  • Subject to pricing volatility

Worse still, many agricultural assets remain dormant due to crop rotations and disease. But with the right approach, it’s possible to control these escalating costs and extract much greater value from each acre of land.

Harnessing Solar Energy: America’s Most Profitable Cash Crop

Rather than rely on expensive fossil fuel, many farmers are now turning to solar energy to power core activities – including everything from water pumps and irrigation systems to lights and heating. This approach dramatically reduces monthly utility spending. And it also eliminates many of the costs associated with importing diesel, kerosene, and propane to your farm. But the benefits of harnessing free sunshine don’t stop there.

1. Solar Is Location Independent

With solar power, farmers can generate clean energy anywhere the sun shines. This is ideal for off-grid plots that are too far from the utility network. Location independence is also important for farmers who must frequently relocate critical infrastructure like water pumps.

2. Solar Is Incredibly Durable

Because photovoltaic (PV) technology is designed with minimal to no moving parts, there is very little wear and tear. And the maintenance requirements are almost non-existent. This is why most panel manufacturers can safely warranty their products for 25 years, with many installations lasting significantly longer.

3. Solar Is 100% Clean

Solar power reduces the environmental impact of agricultural operations. And with a smaller carbon footprint, farmers have cleaner air, water, and soil with which to continue growing healthy crops.

Going Solar the Right Way

Solar power transforms dormant assets into savings engines that continue to deliver measurable benefits every day – for decades. And farmers can further maximize the ROI of their clean power investment by installing a PV system with the right type of technology. And that’s where we can help.

Nuance Energy’s Osprey PowerPlatform is a pre-engineered, ground mount solar racking system that continues to revolutionize how farmers harness clean, affordable solar energy.

The Osprey’s self-ballasted, modular design makes this powerful solar racking technology:

1. Easy to Assemble

The prefabricated components take about an hour to assemble – using nothing more than simple power tools.

2. 100% Portable

Easily disassemble and relocate the Osprey PowerPlatform based on future energy requirements.

3. Cost-Effective

Because of its unique modular design, the Osprey can reduce traditional ground mount solar installation costs by up to 90%.

4. Highly Durable

Backed by a 25-year warranty, the Osprey exceeds California’s 2013 Building Codes. And it is wind-rated for up to 110 mph.

5. Infinitely Scalable

Whether you need just one solar module or thousands, the Osprey can accept any panel technology on varying terrains.

Have More Questions about Solar for Agriculture?

Below are many of the core technical specifications of the Osprey PowerPlatform®.

  • High quality and durable with a galvanized G90-G115 (silver finish)
  • 2,100 lbs per unit
  • 25-year product warranty
  • Rapid deployment capability makes for quick and easy installation
  • No maintenance required
  • Install with local workforce
  • Portability; self-ballasted solar system
  • Field power adjustable legs to 36″
  • Sets on uneven terrain to 10 degrees
  • No prevailing wage (Davis Bacon Act) on municipal projects
  • On-grid and off-grid; remote use
  • Made in U.S.A.

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