Residential Solar

More Time. More Money.

How much is time worth to you? And if you had more time, what would you do with it?

Like most of our loyal residential solar installers, having more time available to them is invaluable.  Getting time back in their work schedule is not just invaluable because they are able to complete a residential solar ground mount project sooner with our trailblazing OSPREY PowerRack™, but time is invaluable to them because they are actually generating more revenue with every install of our racking system.

More time really is more money.

All this extra time means installing more rooftop solar projects for our residential solar installers. After all that is what they do best. Having more time back in your work schedule will give you a competitive edge too.

Now here is the trifecta. What if you could gain back more time, drive more sales revenue, and not add any new capital resources or human capital to the equation?

Well for the answer, click on the Residential Installer video below. We have a business case for you to consider.

Hint: Our residential solar installers are saving an extra 3 days (72 hours) in man hours every time they install using the Osprey PowerRack. 

See for yourself. Then give us a call and we can help you gain back time too.