The Osprey: Perfection Through Evolution

The Osprey: Perfection Through Evolution | Nuance Energy Group

The osprey has evolved into the perfect bird of prey. Pandion haliaetus is indeed quite an impressive raptor, growing up to 26 inches in length with a wingspan of nearly 6 feet, yet it weighs in at a lean-and-mean 5 pounds. This versatile and resourceful species is able to thrive in a wide range of habitats and has been found to roost on every continent except Antarctica. The osprey’s talons are ideal for catching its primary source of food: fish. And its keen vision enables the osprey to spot its underwater prey and begin its dive from a height of over 100 feet. In fact, the osprey is the only predatory bird that will dive beneath the water’s surface for its prey, adapting this unique hunting style as a means of survival. Despite being able to dominate their territory in so many ways, these magnificent birds are intensely loyal, normally mating for life.

These and other traits make the species a fitting name for Nuance Energy’s Osprey PowerPlatform. Like its namesake, the Osprey PowerPlatform:

  • Has evolved to become the industry’s most perfect foundation and racking system for ground mount solar
  • Is lean and mean unlike other foundations that require concrete and/or heavy steel to achieve the strength required
  • Can be installed successfully virtually anywhere, even at sites with challenging terrain and soil conditions
  • Has the ability to “migrate” or, in this case, be uninstalled for “Lift and Shift” transport to and deployment at another site
  • Is faithful and dependable with a warranty of 25 years—about the maximum lifespan of Pandion haliaetus

The evolutionary aspects of the Osprey PowerPlatform are, quite literally, from the ground up. The innovative earth anchor foundation system is simple yet durable, enabling it to be installed quickly by semi-skilled crews using only handheld power tools. This unique, versatile and patent pending ground mount foundation is unlike any other. In a way, the earth anchor is like the osprey’s talons: able to grab and hold on as needed to get the job done. Above ground, the racks and rails are easy to assemble,and have built-in features for running wires safely and mounting inverters securely. No other foundation and racking system is as versatile and affordable as the modular and scalable Osprey PowerPlatform.

It is for these and other reasons that we believe, like its namesake, the Osprey PowerPlatform will dominate its territory—ground-mount solar—around the world (except for Antarctica).

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