Osprey Honored as a Top Product by Solar Power World

Osprey Honored as Top Product by Solar Power World Solar Racking

Nuance Energy’s Osprey PowerPlatform® was included in the top 10 innovative solutions honored in SPW’s picks for the Top Solar Products of 2017. Solar Power World’s editors selected these products from among the many they saw at various industry tradeshows and events throughout the year. Specifically mentioned as one of the desirable characteristics are those products that enable contractors to “do more projects in less time with less effort.”


For the Osprey, the editors noted how its unique earth anchor foundation system can be installed “quickly, even with unexperienced crews, without concrete and using only hand-tools.” The editors cited other money- and time-saving advantages of the Osprey, including no need for heavy equipment, a geotechnical report or extensive engineering effort.

The ability of earth anchors to work well in virtually any type of soil was also a factor in its selection as a Top Solar Product. Such versatility enables contractors to use the modular Osprey PowerPlatform as a universal solution for all ground mount projects where unknowns underground create risk, potentially causing problems that require costly mitigation.

While not mentioned in the SPW article, the Osprey also reduces effort and costs by simplifying the permitting process, site preparation work, material procurement and transport, and wiring and grounding tasks, as well as by eliminating the need to pour concrete inverter pads in most projects. In total, the Osprey’s many advantages result in a savings of $130,000 in a typical 2MW system built using a pile or pier foundation.

The bottom line according to SPW’s editors? “Installation is faster, easier and cheaper than other foundation options and could be a real game-changer for ground-mount installations big and small.”

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