Excitement about the Osprey PowerPlatform® Grows at Solar Power International

Excitement about the Osprey PowerPlatform® Grows at Solar Power International

September 21, 2017

Jimmy Ryan, Nuance Energy Group, Inc.
6 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA 94583 

What a show! We had a constant stream of visitors to our booth at Solar Power International despite the less-than-ideal location, and at times, the crowd spilled out into the aisle. Our partners stopped by to say, “Hi,” of course, but so too did EPCs, developers and installers (many of them from other countries), along with many journalists and analysts. The excitement about Osprey and its potential to revolutionize the ground mount solar industry was truly palpable.

People didn’t just “browse” either, as most do at such trade shows. They stayed. They watched the videos. They experienced the augmented reality demo. (It’s pretty cool, I might add.) They carefully inspected the Osprey’s anchor stand and earth anchor foundation system. They asked questions—lots of questions. And they made comments. Here is just a sampling, paraphrased from our collective memories:

  • You guys are really doing something different. Everyone else is just bending shapes.
  • I don’t need to bring in any heavy equipment? You guys are on my next project.
  • It’s been years, but someone’s finally gone after the foundation.
  • Are you serious? We just put in six miles of rebar for a concrete foundation.
  • Good to 150MPH and no high-priced equipment or labor? Enough said, let’s get going.
  • I’m really excited to see someone doing something different.
  • It’s not just hype; this thing really is disruptive!
  • I’m getting ready to order now. (from Facebook)

You get the idea. Osprey is different. Osprey is a game-changer. Check it out…

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