Achieving Peak Profit with the Osprey PowerPlatform®

Achieving Peak Profit with the Osprey PowerPlatform®

August 16, 2017

Jono Stevens, Nuance Energy Group, Inc.
6 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA 94583

Achieving Peak Profit with the Osprey PowerPlatform® 

EPCs often struggle to make a profit. The struggle begins with the competitive bidding process, where pressure is often applied further down the value chain to get the best possible pricing from distributors and vendors. (Yes, in this industry, vendors of inverters, solar panels, foundations and other balance of system elements also struggle to be both competitive and profitable!)

The EPC’s struggle intensifies when its “lowest cost” proposal, many times driven by commodity pricing, wins. Then the work begins and the many assumptions start to fall like dominos in a line. Especially with a solar ground mount installation, issues arise with unsatisfactory soil test results and permit application delays. Logistics delays from component suppliers and unforeseen underground obstacles cause more project headaches, as do trained workers leaving for a better offer from a competitor. The chances of making a decent profit seem to gradually and inexorably slip away.

Nuance Energy designed the Osprey PowerPlatform to minimize the risks that can result from making optimistic, or even realistic assumptions about ground mount solar projects. Its ground-breaking design received considerable praise at Intersolar 2017, including being designated “one of 11 cool things” and a “gamechanger” by Solar Builder Magazine.

The Osprey does indeed have a ground-breaking design—both literally and figuratively. The earth anchors can quite literally be set—and tested in real time mind you—for a sufficient holding strength in almost any type of soil by unskilled crews quickly and easily using only handheld tools. The resulting reduction in construction complexity and costs makes ground mount solar energy more practical and affordable on any site and at any scale, and that helps make bids more competitive. More wins. Fewer problems. Peak profit.

Solar Power World recently published an article about How an Earth Anchor Foundation System Makes Ground Mount Solar Projects More Profitable. The article explains how earth anchors are able to function reliably in virtually any ground mount solar project, and highlights how its many advantages help EPCs achieve peak profitability with:

  • No delays in permitting, mobilization and deployment
  • No need for a costly geotechnical report or special inspections
  • No need for an engineer to design and certify the foundation
  • No heavy equipment, such as pile drivers or screw augers
  • No concrete and, therefore, no excavation and/or formwork
  • No need for skilled labor to operate specialized equipment
  • No cutting, bending or welding of any steel components
  • No need to install separate wiring channels or inverter pads

You owe it to your bottom line to give the Osprey PowerPlatform a closer look. We’ll help you prepare your next proposal, and will then support you through the successful—and profitable—completion of the project.

To learn more about our complete range of turnkey solar solutions for your project, schedule a free consultation with the Nuance Energy team today.