Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)

At Nuance Energy, we provide end-to-end turnkey solar solutions for our clients.

Although we are not the only provider to offer such services, our unique approach to solar project development can help you save time and money and get projects off the ground faster.

Central to this approach is our flagship product – the Osprey PowerPlatform® – one of the most flexible and customizable ground mount solar racking solutions ever created.

Given its modular design and easy assembly, the Osprey delivers unmatched hard cost savings. The platform can also shave weeks off traditional solar development, helping your clients enjoy substantial soft cost savings as well – especially in the form of labor.

Nuance Energy can assist with your solar installation in many forms from ground mounted solar, to solar carports, and even rooftop solar.

1. Site Assessment

When you first contact us, our team will sit down with you to carefully evaluate each site and assess its renewable energy generation potential. More specifically, we’ll analyze important metrics like:

  • Project goals
  • Solar potential
  • Load analysis
  • Local utility rate analytics
  • Water analytics
  • Energy consumption
2. Feasibility Study

From this assessment, we can then advise you on critical variables like:

  • Solar PV technology options
  • Estimated solar power output
  • Installation costs and timelines
  • Short-term and lifetime savings
  • Project ROIs and payback periods

You’ll have these numbers in advance (and in writing) before signing off. You can also use this feasibility report for grants, loans, incentives, inspections, and other regulatory paperwork.

3. Design and Engineering

If the numbers make sense, we’ll begin designing your solar PV installation – based on:

  • Your specific requirements
  • The project’s location
  • The site’s solar potential

Regardless of installation size, every PV system we design is 100% customized from the ground up.

4. Solar PV Installation

The final step involves performing the actual installation. However, this process isn’t just limited to the PV panels or the Osprey PowerPlatform. At Nuance Energy, our solar EPC services also include:

  • Handling of permits and inspections
  • Procuring the requisite materials and tools
  • Coordinating with utilities for grid connections
  • Applying for incentives

To learn more about our complete range of turnkey solar solutions, schedule a free consultation with a Nuance Energy representative today.

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