Nuance Energy’s Ground-Mounted Solar Racking System, The Osprey PowerPlatform Is Now UL 2703 Certified in Canada

Nuance Energy’s Ground-Mounted Solar Racking System, The Osprey PowerPlatform Is Now UL 2703 Certified in Canada

Nuance Energy is disrupting the ground mount solar market by speeding up the installation process, saying goodbye to pile-drivers and concrete, and giving you back control your project’s installation schedule with our utility patent pending Osprey PowerPlatform® that uses earth anchor foundation technology.

With the Osprey, there are:

  • No schedule 40pipe, piles, concrete or helical ground-screws
  • Nogeo-technicalreports
  • No skilled & specialized third-party labor
  • No heavy machinery or equipment rental

Thanks to its modular design and easy assembly, the Osprey PowerPlatform dramatically simplifies the installation process and puts you 100% in charge of your mobilization schedule, field assembly and project installation.

We’re happy to announce that using the Osprey PowerPlatform for ground-mounted solar installations has just become even cheaper and faster.

Osprey PowerPlatform Is UL-Certified in the US and Canada

Nuance Energy has successfully completed the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 2703 certification process – both in the United States and Canada.

With this new UL2703 classification, the Osprey PowerPlatform officially adheres to the latest industry standards for integrated bonding and grounding of electrical PV systems. This rigorous testing was performed by the industry standard, Intertek – an independent third-party laboratory specializing in “Rack-Mounted Systems for Photovoltaic Modules.”

*Note: The UL2703 certification did not change the Osprey PowerPlatform’s revolutionary design. The innovative modular racking system is just as streamlined and intuitive as it was before!

However, UL2703 certification now means your projects will get approved for permits and inspections when using the Osprey PowerPlatform throughout most of North America. As a result, you’ll be able to complete projects in a fraction of the time – and for a fraction of the cost.

To learn more about the Osprey PowerPlatform and its recent UL2703 certification, contact Nuance Energy today for a free consultation.

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